Still Got It

by Wolfpack

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If Wolfpack's latest single were an open letter, it may begin something like this:

Dear Wolves,

We've Still Got It

Thanks, Wolfpack

Fortunately this isn't an open letter but more of a sign of things yet to come. Channelling his inner Drum Lord, Rayne sets it off with a heavy trap inspired drum pattern and a pulsating synth in the background. While most listeners have come to expect some form of cliche "Saskatchewan Sound", Wolfpack is here to showcase versatility and provide further notice that their signature "Saskatchewan" is whatever Rayne Drop decides to bend, twist, and tweak it into.
Found intertwined within the lyrics of Mer and Chuck, you can find the basis of said sound. Prairie boy ego, saskatchewan freshness, loyalty as stated by Mer, "Enemies get the monsters and the family get the love and honour" slightly bragging throughout an extended verse, Mer calling 'em out one by one.
Chuck takes the moral high road during his time spent flipping between a double time flow and his well known sing-song flow, reflecting on the past, present, and things yet to come. Chuck takes time to express the Wolfpack come up is 100% organic, uncensored and free of rap politics (see, purchased views, listens, likes and followers). While still reiterating, [Wolf]Pack is back!
Topped up with a dirty chopped and screwed "Still Got It" to lead off and close out the songs chorus, Chuck punches in this is in fact, their homecoming today, and the day one motto, rather die young than fade away. While the beat to the song is a little more uptempo and less boom bap than what Wolfpack has brought in the past, the policies and mission statements ring true.


released July 20, 2015



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